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EyeGlass Guide

Find the Best Eyeglasses for You

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Welcome to our easy-to-use Eyeglasses Guide, an interactive tool for choosing your ideal eyeglasses! Making the best eyewear selection can be complicated and overwhelming. There are many factors to consider, including your vision prescription, visual needs, the type of lifestyle you lead, and your preferred sense of style. Our online platform will help you keep all these things in mind when you find the best eyeglasses for you – because we want your frames to work well for your unique life, look, and vision!

To begin, it will guide you through a series of personal questions all about your day-to-day life and how you need your eyeglasses to function. As you answer each question, you’ll notice the background photos change. Additionally, the lenses and eyeglasses on the lower right of the screen will also change.

Along with images of eyeglasses, our online tool also offers brief information videos about specific eyewear products that may interest you. At the end of our Eyeglasses Guide, we’ll provide you with eyeglasses suggestions that are custom-tailored to meet your needs. To try your eyeglasses on in real life, visit our optical store. In addition to seeing your eyeglasses selection up close, you’ll also be able to personally meet our eye doctor and optical staff.